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Migas Touch Pickups

Handwound Sweet '75 Stratocaster Alnico V Pickup Set

Handwound Sweet '75 Stratocaster Alnico V Pickup Set

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Migas Touch is a custom shop pickup maker. We specialize in Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster pickups. Our Vintage '75 Pickups follow the formula of CBS era Fender.

The 70's Strat pickups are not everyone's cup of tea but they offer a bright and chimey sound that is hard to miss. Ritchie Blackmore, Yngwie Malmsteen, and The Edge are all 70's Strat player showing what a good set of 70's Stratocaster pickups can be.

We lacquer seal all of our bobbins for durability then fully wax pot them to avoid microphonic noises and squeals. All of our pickups are hand wound and scatterwound. The neck and bridge are north up polarity while the middle is south up polarity and reverse wound to reduce the noise when in the 2 and 4 between pickup positions. We have spent a great amount of time testing wires, magnets, and bobbins from various sources to product the best quality pickup that we can. Each of our hand-wound sets are signed, numbered, and dated. 100% made in the USA..

  • Plain Enamel .42 wire
  • Neck and bridge are north up while the middle is south up and reverse wound
  • Period correct flat pole pieces with aged finish
  • Alnico 5 magnets
  • Average read outs: Neck 5.4, Middle 5.6, Bridge 5.6 but each may vary slightly
  • Period correct 11 inch long cloth push back wire
  • Gray fiber bobbins
  • Fully wax potted
  • Installation hardware included
  • White cover included (cream and black available)

Here is what our customer have said:

Awesome pickups at an awesome price. The fit, finish and the tone is comparable to the big boutique brands. Incredibly satisfied with the service and the item showed up fast and expertly packaged. Would and will do business with again in the near future. AAA+++. (Hurry and get your order in before there is a wait!)..

Thank you very much. Really looking forward to dropping those in my guitar. I did a little research and hands down I believe this is the best deal on the planet for top notch hand wound pickups.
Sincerely Joel

Great pups!!! Awesome quality def check this guy out awesome will buy again thanks!

Excellent ebay seller who takes pride in his work and builds excellent pickups, very high quality! A++++++

As described. Very Nice! A must for the true Hendrix and Gilmore sound of the late and early 70's. A great seller to work with. GOOD PUPS! Look and sound like the. A steal for the price. Thank you

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