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SRV Number One #1 Tribute Stratocaster Pickups Set

SRV Number One #1 Tribute Stratocaster Pickups Set

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Stevie Ray Vaughan's pickups were examined by Fender and they commented that the "neck pickup was hottest, the other two relatively weak, and all bobbins were copper foil shielded." This is consistent with what pickups in '59 were. Most of them had the neck as the hottest pickup. Copper foil wrapping and grounding acts as a "shorted turn" which basically clips off some treble. These pickups made with heavy formvar wire which can be on the squeaky clean/bright side, so this method helps to mellow them down a bit.

I did the research when reproducing these pickups. I use period correct USA made components. Vulcanized fiber flat work. Alnico V Magnets that are aged and hand beveled with the same stagger as used by Fender for the Stratocasters in 1959. I hand-wind each pickup meticulously using scatter winding and under winding them to stay true to Stevie's lower output. Copper foil wrapping and grounding which acts as a shorter turn which clips off some treble. Everything about these pickups is as correct as can be and replicate the pickups in The famous Number One Strat. Stevie would keep these pickups low, close to the pickguard, and had a high action using heavier strings. With a low gain amp and cranking it up in combination with these pickups is how Stevie pulled the amazing tones from his guitar. These are the real deal and I did not use other methods to try and replicate his sound like many others do but instead used the same components to come as close as possible to match the pickups he used.

We lacquer seal all of our bobbins for durability then fully wax pot them to avoid microphonic noises and squeals. All of our pickups are handwound and scatterwound. We have spent a great amount of time testing wires, magnets, and bobbins from various sources to product the best quality pickup that we can. Each of our hand-wound sets are signed and dated. 100% made in the USA..

  • Heavy Formvar 42 wire
  • Neck and Bridge North Up with the Middle South Up
  • Middle Pickup is Reverse Wound to avoid noise when mixing
  • Period correct staggered pole pieces with aged finish
  • Alnico 5 magnets
  • Average read outs: Neck 5.9, Middle 5.5, Bridge 5.5 but each may vary slightly
  • Period correct cloth push back wire
  • Black fiber bobbins
  • Fully wax potted
  • Copper foil wrapping and grounding
  • Installation hardware included
  • Genuine Fender SRV Pickguard and Wiring from SRV Signature Strat

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