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Migas Touch Pickups

Handwound 50's Gibson Style P90 Dog Ear Alnico III Pickup Set

Handwound 50's Gibson Style P90 Dog Ear Alnico III Pickup Set

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Migas Touch is a custom shop pickup maker. We specialize in vintage style hand-wound guitar pickups.

Our Vintage 50's P90 Dog Ears are wax potted to avoid microphonic noises and squeals but still remain true to the original tones and characteristics and make them lively with more clarity and bite. Both the neck and bridge are wound to the specs of the 50's P90's with the neck being reverse wound to reduce the noise when mixing pickups. We have spent years testing different wire and wire makers and only use the finest quality we have found along with period matching bobbins to insure nothing but the best sounding pickups. We use .42 Plain Enamel wire for these 50's Vintage Pickups to stay true to the period correctness.

Each of our custom hand-wound sets are signed and dated by Gregory Migas. 

  • Plain Enamel .42 wire
  • Average readouts: Neck 7.1 and Bridge 8.1 (Each set may vary slightly)
  • 50mm pole spacing
  •  Steel nickel plated fillister head pole pieces
  • Alnico 3 magnets
  • 28 awg 2 conductor shielded wire with a bare drain
  • Installation hardware included
  • Wax Potted
  • Cream or black covers
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