About Migas Touch Pickups

Migas Touch is a custom shop pickup maker. We specialize in Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster pickups. Our Smooth Blues Pickups have been cooked up to produce a sweet, vintage, bluesy sound. Alnico II magnets and a good helping of heavy formvar 42 wire give these pickups a warm, woody tone that sounds great whether you're playing clean or with a little crunch.

We lacquer seal all of our bobbins for durability then fully wax pot them to avoid microphonic noises and squeals. All of our pickups are hand wound and scatterwound. The neck and bridge are north up polarity while the middle is south up polarity and reverse wound to reduce the noise when in the 2 and 4 between pickup positions. We have spent a great amount of time testing wires, magnets, and bobbins from various sources to product the best quality pickup that we can. Each of our hand-wound sets are signed, numbered, and dated. 100% made in the USA..